PT Pioneerindo Gourmet International Tbk (d / h PT Putra Sejahtera Pioneerindo), established in 1983 in Jakarta is one of the Company's first generation in Indonesia, which introduced the concept of fast food made from chicken through trademark California Pioneer Chicken, terwaralaba Pioneer Take Out - United States of America. The company has managed to attract the public with quality products and services, and managed to make a dish of fried chicken as a trendsetter in the world of fast food businesses in Indonesia.

    After seven years of forging experience and proven in the market share, in 1989 the company escape attempt franchisee becomes a franchisee full brand that produces and markets its own products, namely California Fried Chicken. Business base was strengthened by establishing a franchise and also subsidiaries namely Asia Putra Perdana Indah and PT Mitra hero Pioneerindo to support the full performance of the company with an integrated partnership pattern that is run as a synergy to spur growth that triggered usaha.Sinergi business performance through a partnership This gave rise to an integrated business diversification in the form of a product launch snacks Cal Donat in 1993.

    Achieve public confidence is a very important achievement for the growing power company in which the Company continues to be encouraged to continue to maintain stability and kontuinitas effort to cling to the commitment to quality. Seriousness of adding value to the business entity as well as in public services, evidenced by the Company as a public company listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange in April 1994.

    In the year 1996, a significant step back is done by opening a family restaurant company Sapo Oriental. This is a proof of the seriousness Company in developing themselves and utilize the experience and the introduction of field. Stability of the Company's business does not make a stop learning, while the world arena amid fast-food business development occurred very rapidly. The development of society in an increasingly globalized world community always demands updates and changes. Then in 2001 the Company opened itself to undertake a thorough revitalization. One result is the most important milestone in the history of the Company, namely the change of Company's name to PT Pioneerindo Gourmet International Tbk. Now, after 24 years of work, oriented to the Company's vision to become a producer of fast food with quality service and the best in Indonesia.



    • To become the number one national fast food restaurant in Indonesia.



    • Creating a trustworthy organization that is beneficial for Stakeholders.
    • To deliver customer satisfaction by providing comfortable outlet network, quality products and friendly services.
    • To promote a positive working environment for employees to grow and thrive.


    Corporate Value :


    Integrity, Convenience, Loyalty, Excellence, Affability, Next Level

  • Organizational Structure

  • Quality CFC

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    California Fried Chicken is one of the well-known fast food restaurants under the auspices of PT. Pioneerindo Gourmet International, famous for fried chicken is tasty and crisp. CFC trademark names sometimes confuse the public at large so that the thought of CFCs comes from foreign companies. But in fact, CFC is a pure product from Indonesia who have a sense comparable to the image of the American fried chicken.

    CFC and professional equalizes local product quality standards so it can be coupled with a fast-food fried chicken products originating from the United States though. There are four basic concepts that will serve as basis CFC product quality control, ie Discipline, Quality, Service, and Cleanliness. The fourth concept is to be executed by each individual employee in CFC so that consumers can get more service than expected. With the hope that customers will come back to get the quality and the service is good and consistent. PT. Pioneerindo Gourmet International does not compromise the control error will be issued so that each product has a policy of ISO 22000, ISO 9001 and HACCP.

    CFC which is the slogan, "Not Just Chicken" really meet the needs of the diverse tastes of Indonesian people. Not only serves savory fried chicken alone but CFC also provides other menus such as the California Burger, Chicken Rice Pepper, Spaghetti Chicken, Chicken Porridge, Zuppa Soup, Spaghetti Fried and Fried Rice. In addition, there are many variations of fried chicken is Chicken Strips, Chicken Kranz, and Chicken Dramz.



    The Company’s Directors hereby informed that the Company’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (“Annual GM”) and Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (“Extraordinary GM”) have been conducted on Friday, June 9, 2017, located in Santika Hotel, Betawi Room 3, Jl. Aipda KS Tubun No.7, Slipi, Jakarta 11410.

    To read a more complete download pdf file below:

    Summary Treatise RUPS 2017

  • 2. Call To Shareholders




    The Company’s Board of Directors hereby invites the Company’s Shareholders to attend the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders ("AGM") and the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders ("EGM") which will be held on:

    Day / Date : Friday /June 9, 2017
    Time : 10 a.m.till end
    Venue : Hotel Santika, Ruang Betawi 3
    Jl. Aipda KS Tubun No.7, Slipi
    Jakarta 11410

    The Agenda of the Meeting are as follow:


    1. Annual Report for Financial Year of 2016:
      1. Approval to the Board of Directors Report on the Company’s Revenue and Activities;
      2. Ratification of the Company’s Financial Report;
      3. Ratification of the Board of Commissioners’ Supervisory Report.

    To read a more complete download pdf file below:

    Call To Shareholders

  • 3. Notification of 2017 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders




    The Company’s Board of Directors hereby invites the Company’s Shareholders, that the Company will conduct the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders ("AGM") and the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders ("EGM"), on Friday, June 9, 2017.

    In compliance with Article 11 paragraph 4 on Company’s Articles of Association and the Financial Services Authority Regulation (POJK) No.32/POJK.04/2014 concerning the Plan and Implementation of the General Meeting of Shareholders of Public Company, the call to the Meeting will be published in 1 (one) national newspaper in Indonesian language on Thurday, May 18, 2017 and the website of Indonesia Stock Exchange and the website of the Company.

    Those entitled to attend/be represented in the Meeting are:

    1. For the Company’s shares not yet included in the Collective Custody are only the Shareholders or their valid proxies whose names are registered on the Company’s Register of Shareholders in the Securities Administration Agency of Indonesia on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 16.00 Western Indonesian Time.
    2. For the Company’s shares already included in Collective Custody are only the Account Holders or their valid proxies whose names are registered as the Company’s Shareholders in the securities account of Custodian Bank/Securities Company and the Company’s Register of Shareholders on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 16.00 Western Indonesian Time.

    Each proposal suggested by the shareholders which will be recorded in the minutes of the Meeting must be in accordance with the provisions in Article 10 paragraph 8 of the company’s articles of association in conjunction with POJK No.32/POJK.04/2014, and the proposal must be received by the Company’s Board of Directors 7 (seven) days at the latest before the dates of the call to the Meeting.

    We hereby conclude our points for the attention and understanding of the shareholders.


    Jakarta, May 3, 2017


    Board of Directors

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    4. Launching Album Compilation Bebi Romeo-Glenn Fredly

    Jakarta, November 30, 2016 - Two powerful singer and composer Bebi Romeo finally cooperation, synergies both of which have a friendship for a long time and are rarely exposed by the media produced a compilation album Bebi Romeo and Glenn Fredly.

    Through this album, presenting the collaboration with other musicians that are Judika and talented young singer Yura Yunita.

    Presenting eight songs, with a new single, a mainstay in this album entitled 'Oxygen' collaboration Bebi Romeo and Judika. There are also several other hits.

    Launching a compilation CD Bebi Romeo Glenn Fredly is housed in outlets CFC Bangka Raya on 30 November 2016 for those who are in JaBoDeTaBek and outer JaBoDeTaBek can buy this CD compilation by buying the package "Ngehitzz" that already included CD in CFC stores in your city.


    The Company’s Directors hereby informed that the Company’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (“Annual GM”) and Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (“Extraordinary GM”) have been conducted on Monday, June 9, 2016, located in Santika Hotel, Betawi Room 3, Jl. Aipda KS Tubun No.7, Slipi, Jakarta 11410.

    To read a more complete download pdf file below:

    Summary Treatise RUPS


    The Analysis of Financial and Operational Performance of Quarter 1 2016, During the period of three months in 2016, operating revenue obtained by the Company increased by 21.7%, from Rp 79.2 billion in 2015 to Rp 96.4 billion. This is due to sales increase from the existing stores as a result of continuous marketing activities augmented by sales increase from new stores.

    Work Plan for 2016, The growth of operating revenue increase approximately 15%. The plan to establish 40 new stores (25 dining types and 15 semi-satellite types) and renovation of around 15 old stores.

    To read a more complete download pdf file below:

    Material of Public Expose - June 09, 2016


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    7. Launching Album OST AADC2

    Jakarta, 20 April 2016 -  Penantian panjang selama 14 tahun terjawab sudah, pada hari Rabu, bertempat di CFC Bangka Raya Peluncuran CD Original Soundtrack “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2 (AADC2) resmi di rilis dan bisa di dapatkan di seluruh store CFC di Indonesia. Penjualan CD AADC2  bisa diperoleh dengan membeli paket “NgeHitzz” di CFC. Dalam kurun waktu 1 minggu sejak dijual di CFC area jabodetabek telah terjual lebih dari 2000 keping CD. Untuk area diluar jabodetabek sudah bisa didapatkan sejak tgl.18 April 2016 secara serentak.

    Sama halnya dengan filmnya, album ini juga sangat di nanti nantikan oleh para penggemarnya. Dalam album ini Melly menyiapkan 6 lagu baru dan 2 lagu yang di daur ulang dari soundtract album AADC pertama.  Kedua lagu itu adalah Bimbang yang dibawakan oleh band Goobye Felicia beranggotakan putra dari Melly dan Anto, Anakku Lelaki Hoed dan Pria Bernama Hoed.

    Mereka berkolaborasi dengan putri Titi DJ, Stephanie Poetri. Satu lagu lagi berjudul Suara Hati Seorang kekasih. Sedangkan lagu baru lainnya yakni Ratusan Purnama, I'm Still Loving You, Jangan Ajak Ajak Dia, Sayang Mau Apa? dan lainnya. Dalam album ini, Melly menyanyikan lagu tersebut bersama para penyanyi pendatang baru seperti Marthino Lio.

    Bagi yang ingin mendapatkan CD OST.AADC2 ini, segera dating langsung ke CFC terdekat dan bisa membeli paket “NgeHitzz” sudah termasuk CD.­


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    8. Launching Album Naura – Langit Yang Sama

    Jakarta, 11 Maret 2016 – Setelah sukses meluncurkan 3 Album musik penyanyi Indonesia sebelumnya yaitu : Bebi Romeo, BCL dan Syahrini, kini CFC hadir dengan Album baru untuk anak-anak yaitu Naura : Langit yang sama. Album ini terdiri dari 9 lagu dengan berbagai tema anak-anak. Lagu-lagu di album ini juga mengangkat tema yang mendidik seperti : Bully, Ayo menabung, Sahabat setia dan Langit yang sama.


    Selain dapat dibeli secara ala carte, CD Album Naura ini juga dikemas dalam Paket Fun Meal Musik, yang sudah termasuk makanan dan minuman, dengan harga yang lebih hemat tentunya. CD Album Naura dan Paket Fun Meal Musik sudah bisa didapatkan di CFC sejak tgl 11 Maret 2016.


    Bertempat di CFC Bangka, Naura resmi merilis album keduanya bertajuk “ Langit Yang Sama”. Sebagai penyanyi cilik berbakat, Naura hadir meramaikan pasar musik anak-anak Indonesia dan membawa nuansa baru ditengah krisisnya lagu untuk anak-anak dalam dua dekade terakhir ini.


    CFC Indonesia sebagai partner distribusi ekslusif  penjualan CD Album Naura , yang diwakili oleh Bpk. Hengky.S selaku Direktur Operational & Marketing CFC Indonesia, sama sama mempunyai kepedulian terhadap perkembangan musik anak-anak Indonesia di Tanah Air.

  • Board Commissioners

    Suhanda Wiraatmaja
    Independent Commissioners

    Born in March 25, 1954, graduated with a degree in accountancy at the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia in 1982, and currently has held some positions as President Commissioner of PT Towers Watson Purbajaga, PT Dharma Nilaitama, PT Pioneerindo Gourmet International Tbk, as Independent Commissioner of PT Bayu Buana Tbk and PT Towers Watson Indonesia. And before that he was the President Commissioner of PT Zurich Insurance Indonesia, PT Maskapai Reasuransi Indonesia Tbk and PT Asuransi Bina Dana Arta Tbk.

    Tjhin Leeris Harni

    Born in Jakarta on 5 October 1967. She was appointed as Company’s Commissioner since 2011. She completed her study at Accounting Faculty of Yayasan Administrasi Indonesia in 1986 and AKSEK LPK Tarakanita in 1989. Previously, she has held several positions, as Secretary to the President Director of PSP Group’s Property Division (1990), as Legal Officer of PSP Group’s Property Division (1991 - 1993), as Chief Legal at Property Division of PSP Group (1993 - 1997) and as Corporate Secretary of PSP Group (1997 - 2000). She is currently holding a position as Corporate Legal and License at PT Triputra since 2001.


    Kusuwandi Tamin

    Born in Tanjung Pandan 49 years ago, he was the Commissionerof the Company since June 2014. He graduated with a Degree in Accounting from STIE Yayasan Administrasi Indonesia in 1990 and Magister Management from IPMI Business School in 2002, majoring in International Management. In 1987 served as Senior Accountant in PT Tiga Ikan Engineering and joined the Company in 1988 as Chief Accountant, then Finance Manager, Finance Director, Commissioner, Director of Operation, Managing Director, until President Director and now he served as Commissioner .



    Henkie Sutjieawan
    President Director

    Born in Jakarta on November 1, 1968 , successful completion of education at the Department of Accounting , University Atmaja Jaya , Jakarta . And currently he is the President Director PT Pioneerindo Gourmet International Tbk . Previously served as Chief Operating Officer of PT Champ Resto Indonesia , Operations & Distribution Center Division Head PT Cardolestari Indonesia , Managing Director of Nichols Edwards Indonesia , Fashion Merchandising Director PT Hear Primary and Senior Vice President of Merchandising PT Matahari Putra Prima Tbk.



    Iskonda Japiar Budhi

    Born in Bandung on 5 January 1958. He graduated from his studies in architecture in the UK in 1982. During the period 1985 – 1990 he held position of Managing Director of PT Putra Asia Perdana Indah, and later he became President Director, also at the same Company and which position he has been holding since 1990. Since 2006 - April 2011, as Commissioner of PT Pioneerindo Gourmet International Tbk, and since

    Teh Kian Kun

    Born in Pematang Siantar in 1968, he graduated from the Accounting School of the Faculty of Economics of STIE YAI in 1993. Since 2007, he joined PT Pioneerindo Gourmet International Tbk as Director of Finance. Previously, he served as Assistant Director of PT ABDA Insurance Tbk, Director of PT Putra Swareka Perdana, President Director of PT BPR Kumara Abadi and PT BPR Mitrakarya Aratamulia.

    Edi Triyento
    Independent Directors

    Born in Sintang on May 19, 1976, he is a graduate in the field of Industrial Engineering, from one of the well-known universities in Indonesia, the Institute of Technology 10 November, Surabaya. In 2000 – 2003, he served as HR Operations Manager at IAO Group. Later as Senior Consultant at GPM in 2003 - 2006. Since 2006 to 2011 he served as HR Director at AJBS Group. Later in 2011 - 2012 served as Regional HR Manager (GoodHope Asia Ltd.). In 2012 to 2014 he served as Associate HR Director at PT Pioneerindo Gourmet International Tbk and since 2014 he was promoted as HR Director.